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January 13 2020

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December 23 2019

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While cleaning out my room I found a paper that my therapist gave me some time ago to deal with obsessive and intrusive thoughts. Sorry the paper is a little crinkled and stained, but I figured I’d post it in hopes that it will help someone like it helped me.

Here it is again with text for anyone who can’t see the picture

  • That thought isn’t helpful right now.
  • Now is not the time to think about it. I can think about it later.
  • This is irrational. I’m going to let it go.
  • I won’t argue with an irrational thought.
  • This is not an emergency. I can slow down and think clearly about what I need.
  • This feels threatening and urgent, but it really isn’t.
  • I don’t have to be perfect to be OK.
  • I don’t have to figure out this question. The best thing to do is just drop it.
  • It’s OK to make mistakes.
  • I already know from my past experiences that these fears are irrational.
  • I have to take risks in order to be free. I’m willing to take this risk.
  • It’s OK that I just had that thought/image, and it doesn’t mean anything. I don’t have to pay attention to it.
  • I’m ready to move on now.
  • I can handle being wrong.
  • I don’t have to suffer like this. I deserve to feel comfortable.
  • That’s not my responsibility.
  • That’s not my problem.
  • I’ve done the best I can.
  • It’s good practice to let go of this worry. I want to practice.


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Pro tips

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Aerial Embroidery Showcases the Hidden Patterns of Cultivated Farmland

Humble fields become abstracted artworks in thread paintings by Victoria Rose Richards. The artist uses a combination of tight, straight lines and lush French knots to emulate the rural patterning of closely-cropped fields divided by hedges and woods. Richards, who is 21 years old and based in South West Devon, U.K., draws inspiration from the natural beauty that surrounds her. “My art is influenced by my love of the environment and conservation, which I developed during my biology degree I completed this year,” Richards tells Colossal.

A lifelong artist who also manages chronic pain and Asperger’s syndrome, Richards landed on embroidery during college as a way to lift her spirits and engage her mind between classes and studying. “I pulled some nice blues and greens out of my grandmother’s old embroidery tin and had my first go at an embroidery landscape in October 2018,” Richards explains.

The artist is constantly learning new techniques to broaden her range of textures and patterns, finding community and inspiration through the global network of embroiderers who are connected through social media. You can follow along with Victoria Rose Richards’s thread paintings on Instagram.



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All of America’s well-publicized problems, including obesity, depression, pollution and corruption are what it costs to create and sustain a trillion-dollar economy. For the economy to be “healthy”, America has to remain unhealthy.
Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed
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November 24 2019

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Response list for Nixon backers by Art Buchwald, 1973
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Astronomie in 365 Tagen: Tag 316 (Coole Wörter) [Astrodicticum Simplex]

Morgenerst: Der Tag, an dem ein Stern oder Planet das erste mal im Jahr wieder kurz vor Sonnenaufgang mit freiem Auge am Morgenhimmel gesehen werden kann. Das Morgenerst des Sterns Sirius war im alten Ägypten der Beginn des Kalenders und kündigte die neue landwirtschaftliche Saison an.

Das hier ist die Blog-Seite zur Einführung in die Astronomie “Astronomie in 365 Tagen” bei Instagram. An jedem Tag des Jahres gibt es eine neue Lektion; Details zum Projekt gibt es hier. Wer möchte, kann über meinen Instagram-Account bzw #astronomie365 mit dabei sein.

Ich hab die Domain astronomie365.de eingerichtet unter der die gesammelten Blogartikel erreichbar und leichter verlinkbar sind.

Falls jemand Lust hast, sich grafisch besser auszutoben als ich und die Bilder für andere Zwecke anders formatieren will findet man die Rohdaten der Bilder hier bei Google Drive. Meine Texte dazu stehen oben – kann man aber natürlich auch verändern.

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